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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Individual Summary Practice on Aspire Assist

Sum up the main point and supporting details in less than 100 words. Write your summary on a piece of paper. (20 mins)

Tiara, you will collect them later.

Read this article about Aspire Assist and summarize in 100 words the main claims it makes about the product and the supporting details it uses. Use the table provided for writing your summary.
The Aspire Assist Aspiration Therapy System is a breakthrough weight loss solution for people with obesity. Unlike many other weight loss procedures, the Aspire Assist is minimally-invasive and completely reversible at any time.

This solution was developed by three world-renowned physicians: Gastroenterologists Dr. Sam Klein and Dr. Moshe Shike, and Interventional Radiologist Dr. Stephen Solomon.

The Aspire Assist gives patients control over their weight loss by a method known as Aspiration Therapy. With Aspiration Therapy, patients “aspirate” (drain) a portion of their stomach contents into the toilet after each meal through an endoscopically-implanted tube, reducing the number of calories absorbed by the body. The tube is implanted in the stomach, and leads to a small, low-profile port at the surface of the skin. Aspiration performed about twenty minutes after a meal will remove about a third of the calories consumedThe Aspire Assist is used in conjunction with a lifestyle modification program, and requires careful and comprehensive medical monitoring.

The Aspire Assist Aspiration Therapy System received CE mark approval in December 2011 to market in the European Union, and is now commercially available in selected regions in Europe and beyond.

In our U.S. Clinical Trial, patients lost an average of 49% of their excess weight during the first year with the Aspire Assist. This goes a long way to show how effective this device can be in any weight management programme.

Getting the Aspire Assist tube implanted in one’s stomach is as easy as ABC. Patients do not have to get admitted to the hospital to get the tube placed. They can often return home within one to two hours, and be back at work quicklyThe quick, 20 minute procedure is performed under conscious sedation – no general anesthesia is required.

Patients can also eat and drink normal amounts and types of food with the Aspire Assist. Although patients will learn healthier behaviors over time with lifestyle counseling, no sudden diet changes are required to achieve weight loss.
The Aspire Assist can be removed, at any time, through a 15-minute outpatient procedure which is performed without making the patient unconscious. Because the procedure and device are relatively simple, the Aspire Assist may be affordable for patients who cannot afford bariatric surgery.

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