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Friday, 11 April 2014


A. Read the following scenario and solve the mystery.

Using your language skills, determine i) where the accident happened, ii) what caused the accident, and iii) who went missing from the car that Sam was driving.

Samoda has met with an accident and is recounting to you (the detective) what happened. He speaks in broken English and some of his words are in a foreign language. You cannot understand him fully.

Samoda says that he was driving down a narrow bakunba over the nearby river when a scary namunti clad in a white dress appeared out of nowhere. He swerved to avoid her and hit a tree in turn. This had knocked him unconscious and bleeding. When he regained consciousness, he found that his bomba, who had won $500,000 earlier that night at the casino, had vanished. Only her empty purse, the ring she had accepted from him, and her phone remained. Even the briefcase with the money was gone!

After saying this much, Samoda succumbs to his injuries.


1. where the accident happened __________________________________________

2. what caused the accident _____________________________________________

3. who went missing from the car _________________________________________

Clue: Please note that bakunba, namunti and bomba are words from the foreign language Samoda speaks. Correctly guessing what these words mean will help you arrive at your answers.

The End

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