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Monday, 20 January 2014

From the board to the blog 17012014

Answers for "when my name was Keoko"
Answers for "Memory Boy"
Learning points: Settings
- Settings: time era (history)
  • Matching artefacts
  • star of David
  • Concentration camps
- (Adjectives, details: To set up stage in words)
- Make an impact on characters: Think, feel , act

Overarching EU:
1) Language is inter-related

Topical EU: 
1) A good narrative has elements of a story:Settings, characterisation and mood

Characters can also face conflict:
1) Internal
  • (self-identity)
  • (problems with self)
2) External
  • Disasters
  • War
  • Discrimination
Conflicts of a farmer boy

Doesn't want to be farmer, has higher expectations.

Father forces him to be farmer, or else he would be disowned.

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