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Monday, 6 January 2014

Pre-Activity to the Boy In The Striped Pjyamas

View the above youtube and post your comments on the English Language Blog. 1) Why do discrimination exist? 2) What are some examples of discrimination? 3) Have you ever witnessed/experienced an act of discrimination? Tell me more about it. 4) What are some preventions against discrimination? What can society, schools or you do to eliminate discrimination?


  1. 1)It exists as there are some people who are prejudiced think that they are better as compared to others and they judge other people based on their stereotypes.
    2)Racial,sexual,religious discrimination
    3)Yes.Once,I saw a man refuse to sell his fruits to a lady because she was a muslim.
    4)Having more lessons on why discrimination is bad and that everyone should be given an equal chance at everything

  2. 1.) People believe that they are superior to others.
    2.)Teenagers these days are disgusting.Old people are good for nothing.
    3.)Yes, I once saw a Muslim man being questioned because he wanted to enter America.
    4.)We can be responsible people and stop judging people.
    5.)The society can educate its people

  3. 1.People think that they are more superior to others.
    2. Racism and Sexist
    4.To be humble and not judge people too fast.
    5.To teach people about respecting other races.

  4. 1) It exists as they think that the discriminated party are thought to be unwelcomed
    2) Sexism, religious prejudice
    3) No
    4) We can set up more help centres for people who have been discriminated wrongly, and to remind ourselves that we cannot judge people just because of their weakness.
    5) They can play their part by warning those who have made racist comments publicly on social media, and to hand over the person involved to the authorities if they are recalcitrant, and by seting up more awareness programs on prejudice

  5. 1. It exists as people like to judge people based on their appearance and think that they are far superior than others.
    2. Racism, Sexism.
    3. Yes. I once saw an old indian man being denied a seat on the MRT because of his race.
    4. We can start to learn how to treat people as equals no matter who they are or where they come from. They can help by enforcing racial harmony and teaching people through media platforms on how to treat people the way you want them to treat you.