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Friday, 17 January 2014



  1. Anshiqa and Wen Yu

    Little Women:
    1)They were rejoicing and were flushed with excitement.
    2)The imagery described a feast, the bride being dressed by her sisters and marvellous flowers blooming everywhere.
    3)It was a very joyous event where everyone was ecstatically preparing for the wedding.
    1)In the little women, the setting was very cheerful and joyous and full of excitement for the coming event, while in Max, the setting was described very darkly and ominously, giving the impression to the readers that something unusual was going to happen.
    2)I would describe it as being slow, and solemn, and threateningly inauspicious.

  2. Tiara and Joanna
    Model 2
    1) The setting gives of a more eerie feeling and tells us that that that night was very gloomy,however, in "Little women" the settings gave of a cheery feeling, not even a slight bit gloomy.

    2) The mood of this passage makes the readers feel suspense, and fearful, it also gives the reader the urge to read on to see what happens next.

  3. The Little Women

    1."like friendly little neighbours"
    2."The June roses over the porch were awake bright and early on that morning, rejoicing with all their hearts in the cloudless sunshine"
    3. Blissful, and peace


    1.This setting is set in a stormy night, with a feeling of serenity.

    2. It was quiet and lonely, thus it enhanced the revving on the engine and as it was a small street, we can infer that the yellow school bus was the only vehicle on the street, especially at night. Thus adding some depth to the mood and setting

  4. Joanna and Tiara
    Model 1:
    1)The roses were full of excitement for the joyous occasion

    2)The imagery described a beautiful day,a big feast,sisters helping the bride get dressed and guests wandering in the gardens,waiting for the wedding to begin.

    3)Lighthearted and cheery

  5. Adrian, Wen Kit, Serena

    1. The details are "Quite flushed with excitement", "whispering to one another:", Some climbed up to nod and smile at the sisters" "waved a welcome to those who came and went".
    2. June roses on the porch, cloudless sunshine peeped in at the dining room windows where the feast was spread. Went on various errands in the garden, porch and hall.
    3. Exciting, upbeat, jubilant


    1. In little woman, the setting was a cloudless sunshine during the day accompanied by a joyous mood, however, in MAX, it was a gloomy and stormy night with a depressing feeling.
    2. It had a mysterious aura to the setting as if time had slowed down.

  6. Little Women

    1) The words "rejoicing" and "flushed with excitement"
    2) A feast was in the dining room as some roses peeked in the dining room windows to see the feast.
    3) A joyous and cheerful event filled with happiness and excitement.


    1) It has a gloomy feel to it and a mysterious one as the author plays with words to create suspense.
    2) The mood is solemn and creepy.

  7. Model 1:
    1.They were eager for the wedding to start and felt happy for the bride
    2.Rejoicing with all their hearts in the cloudless sunshine
    3.Warm and Joyous
    Model 2
    1.It is night, and there is a storm as compared to the peace of the garden
    2.Grim and dark

  8. Cornelius Lee and Aung Phone Naing.

    Little Women.
    1) They were happy like friendly neighbours.
    2) The imagery describe a bright and cloudless morning.
    3) I would describe the mood as a happy and joyous occasion.

    1)The mood in Little Women is happy and joyous while in Max it was a rainy day.
    2)I would describe it as being solemn and raining.

  9. Done by Sakshi & Kellie

    • Model 1:
    Q1) "Like friendly little neighbours"
    Q2) "June roses over the porch"
    Q3) Lighthearted and happy.
    • Model 2:
    Q1) The setting is slightly slower and talks about a more serious situation as compared to that of Little Women.
    Q2) It is quiet, serious and solemn.

  10. The little women
    1. They seemed to also rejoice in the happy setting.
    2. It showed flawless sunshine and happiness
    3. The setting was bright and mellifluous, there was not a trace of disappointment or sadness.

    1. It had a much more sinister, gloomy setting.
    2. Use the five senses to describe. Namely what you could see and hear outside. Also describe your feelings of sinister fear

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  12. Model 1:
    1) The details are 'ruddy faces' and 'peeped in at the dining-room window'.
    2) The flowers are written through personification. They were like neighbours excited for the wedding.
    3) Excitement running high in the air, joyful for the wedding. Happy and cheerful

    Model 2:
    1) The setting for the MAX story is at night unlike The Little Woman where it is happening in the morning. The story is slower and more serious
    2) The mood is like mysterious and solemn.

  13. The Little Women
    1) They were excited and were rejoicing
    2) They showed the flowers of all walks of life rejoicing the wedding, "like friendly little neighbours"
    3) Excitement is rubbing off the attendees, and all of them are supposedly rejoicing.

    1) There was a gloomy and an eerie setting
    2) The mood was very mysterious and creepy, reflecting the sinister fear in the story.