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Monday, 6 January 2014

Rules and Expectations

Hi 201 Welcome to our 201 English Language Blog! I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself here. I have been teaching English Language for numerous years in various institutions and my last stint was in an IP school where I was a pioneer teacher before coming to SST. Whichever the institutions I was attached to, my students have described me as a 'caring', 'dedicated' and 'knowledgeable' teacher. It is my goal to instill a strong passion for the study of English Language in my students. I believe that we can work well together if we co-operate with one another. I am a strong believer that there must be active participation, focused attentiveness and due diligence in students. I also love to have a class that is vibrant in discussions. You are expected to possess the following learning traits: - punctuality to class - willingness to actively participate - promptness in submitting assignments - co-operativeness among group members - neatness in your work - active readers I will be working very closely with all of you. Your English representative will be my first point of contact, and she or he will dutifully carry his or her duty to the fullest extent. Make this year 2014 work well for us! Best regards Ms Christine Lam

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