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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Setting & Mood


  1. 1. They were hungry, tired and overworked.
    2. She thinks that everyone will forget how to enjoy and only do what they need to do to survive.
    3. "Pale pumice" and "volcanic ash"
    4. Sarah takes a negative view and thinks that they will not make it and appears to want to die in peace, at her home. Miles on the other hand takes an optimistic opinion and tries to get Sarah out of the city.

  2. Anshiqa and Wen Yu

    When my name was Keoko:
    1)Their lives were becoming more restricted and many limitations were implemented. People were no longer allowed to practice their religious customs. Instead of lessons, they had war drills. With such a repetitive life, they would begin to forget the significance of the art and beauty of the world.
    2)The author was scared that if the war continued on for a long time people would not remember what it was like when there was no the war, and that no one would stop and appreciate beauty because they would be too busy trying to stay alive.
    Memory Boy:
    1)Pale pumice still lingered in the air after it raining down for the past 2 years. The rock flour in the air created a fantastic halo around the moon.
    2)Sarah made the decision to stay in their house because, she thinks that if everyone was going to die anyway, it would be dumb to try to move somewhere else and try to survive. Miles, on the other hand, persists in the idea that if they move out of the city, their chances of staying alive would be higher than if they just gave up and stayed exactly where they were.

  3. Done by Sakshi & Kellie

    1) There wasn't enough food for everyone and the people were being worked like slaves. There were nothing beautiful about the country anymore.
    2) People would forget the meaning of life and just live for the sake of it.
    3) "Pale pumice" and "Volcanic ash"
    4) Sarah is pessimistic but Miles is optimistic.

  4. By Jin Wei, Yash and Ezekiel
    Model 1:
    1) The war has given the people a lot of hard work to do, insufficient food, constant exhaustion and no chance to enjoy life.
    2) He fear that if the war last too damn long, the citizens would forget how to have fun and also the joy of life/meaning of life.
    Model 2:
    1) volcanic ashes fell from the sky for two years. And the pale pumice hung in the air.
    2) Sarah's a negative person, thinking about the worst possible case scenario, which was that everyone dies. And Miles still has hope that they would come out unharmed.

  5. 1.When my name was Keoko
    1) They became fearful and only focused on surviving
    2) Narrator feared the people would not be able to enjoy the beauty if things.

    2. Memory Boy
    1) There was volcanic ash everywhere including the house and the rock flour was
    2) Sarah is pessimistic while Miles is a optimist who looks brightly to the future.

  6. Done by Joseph
    When my name was Keoko:
    1) The people were treated like rubbish and worked extremely hard and received very little food in return.
    2) People felt that there was nothing beautiful about their surroundings, and only worked to survive.
    3) Everyone could not practice their customs.
    4) School classes were replaced with war drills.

    Done by Dan Rei:
    1) Pale Pumice and Vocanic ash
    2) Sarah is pessimistic while Miles is optimistic

  7. 1. When my name was Keoko
    1)They were tired and hungry as they had to overwork.
    2)He feared that people would only focus on surviving and start to not appreciate the beautiful things around them.

    2.Memory Boy
    1)Pale pumice and volcanic ash could bee seen.
    2)Sarah was pessimistic and though of the worst possible case scenario while Miles was optimistic and he had hope that they would survive.